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They may love him, but will they vote for him?


President Obama is known for many things such as being the first black president, starting obama care, being president when Osama bin Laden was found and killed, and now for supporting gay marriage. The people of the United States have taken almost everything that president Obama has done and turned it into a controversy. Any president who makes big decisions usually causes controversy since the United States has many different opinionated groups. The most recent controversy that president Obama is facing is his support for gay marriage. The reason being is that americans feel as though he had came out by saying he supported gay marriage at the wrong time. They felt that he waited too long or some of the more conservative people think that he shouldn’t have said it at all. I personally think that it was a smart decision for him to come out and say that he supports gay marriage but I felt like he took more credit for himself than he should have because after all, Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan had come out before and endorsed and supported gay marriage. One of the reasons I feel like it is a good decision from president Obama is because polling showed that more than half of America supported gay marriage.


             Over the years, president Obama has been liked for many things but image was also a factor in him being liked so much. He has the image of being a strong black man with supportive wife and two children. Already from just that he gets the family vote. President is also liked for his many appearances on television shows such as the late night show with Jimmy Fallon and also the View. This gives him a wide range of people watching to see “who he really is”. President Obama also has a twitter who is run by the Obama campaign staff who right now has close to 16 million followers. All of these factors into him being such a liked president but I believe that it will not help him enough to where if you took solely the people who just “liked” him, it wouldn’t be enough. As much as people like him, he has made many decisions who could have changed their minds very easily in the past four years. President Obama still has a good chance in winning the presidential race but it will not be so much of whether people like him or not.




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