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Support for Romney and His Money

In April president Obama Raised 43.6 million dollars for his campaign, which vastly out numbers the amount Romney raised for his campaign. One thing Romney did receive the former president’s approval and has endorsed which will change the way this election goes.

In our Government Class we’ve discussed the importance money in how successful someone is in the elections. Obama has superior amounts of money compared to Romney, but he may be gaining a surplus of money due to the endorsement by Bush.

Currently Obama is leading the race to the presidency by a large margin. Both George Bush and his wife Barbra currently support Romney. The more support he has from larger political face, the more he may be able to raise for his campaign. The more money he has the greater chance he has for beating out Obama and take over the presidency. It is said that if Romney could do so, he would be the richest man ever to live in the White House.

Being a reelection year for Obama, many will say that he can’t be beaten. Money is actually one of, if not the most, important factor in determining who will turn out successful. As of now Mitt Romney has raised a total of $86,631,381, in comparison to Obama who has raised a total of $191,671,860. Obama has not only doubled Romney’s number, but is also close to doubling his predicted vote.

With the help of Bush’s support, Romney could possibly sway all the swing voters and influence them that he is an accountable candidate. With the support of Bush’s followers he will have a greater opportunity to raise more money, giving him more of a shot of defeating Barack Obama, and become closer to him in his total earnings. With more money to spend he will have more advertisement options with more efficient techniques that will hopefully sway the undecided voters towards him if he would like to be president.

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