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Republicans take a stand to the lack of budget

In today’s society, everyone is exposed to the current events and news around us, whether or not we care or try to become informed.  From billboards, television, phones and computers people become aware of issues in our society everyday and carry out at least a basic understanding.  From our government class I am paying more attention to these current events and understanding more of their vocabulary increasing my interest and the ability to form ideas on topics.  Our country has an incredible amount of debt, but the financial crisis’s don’t seem to faze President Obama’s actions toward the budget for this year and the following.  He has shown no effort in trying to help save money, for one, by not passing a formal budget and continues to keep aimlessly spending; showing no care to the money being spent or wasted.


President Obama’s budget will increase debts and make it harder to get out of this burden. “The president’s 2013 budget would expand the scope of government by spending more money, increase taxes on job creators, and continue on the path of enormous deficits and record debt,” explained Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa from CNN. Republicans have stepped in because of President Obama’s lack of leadership trying there hardest to help the financial crises. They have pursued other ideas for a general budget to stop this careless spending in a vote with five different budgets.   The bills would have to get 51 votes to succeed however; none accomplished that leaving our budget still in a doomed irresolute disaster.   Many proposals such as an eighty-year plan that would balance the budget came a little short receiving 42 votes, from only republicans though and no Democrats.  Another idea of a House Republican budget got 41 votes.  The other two ideas such as eliminating cabinet agencies, as well as, instituting a flat tax, raising the eligible age for Social Security and repealing “Obamacare” did not bring many votes.  The Republicans are now at a stand-by trying to figure out other ways to help the economy since their debate today had no luck.

CNN authors admired the Republicans courage to try and help and put their ideas up for a vote.  As well, they also noticed and criticized Democrats for not putting forth their ideas to help with the budget that would subsequently help the economic problem in our country. As Lee, one reporter stated, “That’s really the problem. Putting forward something isn’t a gotcha. Criticizing those who do, while doing nothing, is.”  He makes a valid point that although nothing was accomplished in the debate today and the problem of the annual budget is still questionable, a real problem is that President Obama and the rest of the democrats are not trying to help, not participating in the vote or giving their own ideas to fix the economy.

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