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My Take on an Issue that Shouldn’t be an Issue

Since our topical debates over proposition 8, the fight for same-sex equality has interested me. I’m not for or against the issue, I don’t really care, in all honesty. It’s an individual’s choice who they marry, and honestly, I think people should just leave the issue alone. But, since they refuse to, if I were forced to take a side, I’d support the right to same-sex marriage.

                My opinion, honestly, is a reflection of what the Supreme Court decided when they declared Proposition Eight unconstitutional. Something occurred to me: was the claim of Judicial Tyranny supported by anyone who LOST the vote to proposition eight? I wouldn’t think so. The people who claimed Judicial Tyranny only said so because they won their fight, and discovered that their call was incorrect. Proposition eight restricted the rights of specific members of the nation, so the decision to overturn it was a just one.


                However, I’m writing this blog about more than just proposition eight. Another contribution to same-sex equality was Obama’s declaration of being pro-same sex marriage. Of course he might have damaged his upcoming chances of re-election, but this support is major in that the president himself is supporting the free rights of U.S. citizens. If the president is in favor, that means that equality for those with opposite sex marriages and same sex ones is inevitable. Surely people have to realize that same sex marriage is a right that all people are entitled to, whether they chose it or not?

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