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Kony 2012 affecting the World

Joseph Kony has been a very big problem in our society today by his war crimes and his crimes against children. He is part of the L.R.A an Ugandan guerrilla group. He has been wanted for a very long time in Uganda and the U.N yet he has not been arrested or found with no active military trying to find him and return the children that he had kidnapped to create his army. He has captured over 66,000 children which is not good for the people of Uganda because he has made many people of Uganda lose their children due to him. He has been one of the most brutal war criminals in Africa.

In March of 2012 there was a video that came out about Joseph Kony and his war crimes on children and his country of Uganda. He had been taking young children in his army. This movement was very viral very fast by video an by Facebook. Before long everyone was talking about Kony 2012 which was to cover the world with the face of Kony. Kony 2012was a great success to try to grab the attention of everyone making that this world come together. It was easily one of the biggest activists movements that has ever happened in our world due to the amount of people it could be shared with due to technology.

They did all of this through the grassroots mobilization pathway. This pathway we learned in government is how a group of people get other people motivated by mobilizing people to join their cause. They usually do this if something they are trying to do continually get ignored like how Kony has been not captured and on the run for many years. Usually they all have a common goal or all due the same thing like with Kony 2012 is to cover the world with his face so someone would have to do something about this very bad problem in our world. Their main goal was to get other countries to rally around this idea and get other governments to send military people into Africa to find him so they can stop the abuse of children and making the children part of his war effort

Kony 2012 is just a great example of how the people of the world could come together. Many people helped mobilizing this movement by retweeting and posting the video on Facebook. This was one of the greatest ways that a movement got the whole world attention through this pathway. This type of mobilization just shows how tight nit this world is to each other even through all the odds people came together to try to capture this evil man and put him away for the things he had done to children.

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