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Americas stance on same sex marriage



Obama’s stance on same sex marriage has recently created much buzz in the media.  The reason for this is because he has been deciding on weather or not to support gay marriage for the past few weeks and recently Obama has confirmed that he is pro gay marriage. This has caused much of the American public who oppose gay marriage to become frustrated by their leader because it took him so long to make a decision on gay marriage and it is not even the decision that they where hoping for.  Although Obama may support gay marriage and it may help to influence the passing of state laws, it does not change the fact that it is outlawed under many state laws despite the fact that the president supports it. 

For example just this past Tuesday North Carolina confirmed a law into their constitution “that effectively slammed the door on gay marriage” by defining that the only true marriage is between a man and a woman. Although Obama attempted to discourage voters from supporting the amendment, he was unable to stop the amendment from passing because of the large amount of support via marches and protests opposing gay marriage in North Caroline. As a supporter of the right of free choice, I strongly agree with Obama’s decision to support same sex marriage.


image from newsweek

The reason I Believe in the allowance of same sex marriage because it has been proven that being attracted to the same sex is a genetic medical condition that individuals have no control over. Since being gay is a medical condition people who are should be allowed to marry whomever they want because that is the way they where born.  America was originally founded on the idea that it was the “land of the free” meaning that all people living there should be free to make their own choices. If to people of the same sex are in love and want to marry each other they should be allowed the choice of marrying whom ever they want rather than being told by society that they aren’t allowed to. Are country is in danger becoming a dystopia where you are told who you are allowed to marry, we must stop going do this slippery slope and reconsider our outlook on gay marriage. 



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