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Obama’s Support of Equal Marriage Equals Support in the Polls

ImageEarlier this week, Obama announced his support of gay marriage. This announcement should help Obama in the upcoming 2012 Presidential elections. More than half of Americans support legal gay marriage, a big jump from a mere 27% in 1997. 65% of Democrats believe in same sex marriage and over half of Independents. Only 22% of Republicans believe in same sex marriage, but the Obama administration won’t have to worry about the Republican-affiliated Americans, since they most likely wouldn’t vote for a Democratic candidate in the first place.
ImageObama doesn’t need to worry about the vote from the Democratic-affiliated, but should to focus his attention on the Independents in America. Since over half of people who identify as Independent believe in gay rights, announcing his support of gay marriage was a wise announcement made by Obama. The votes of the Independents can make the difference of a win or lost in the swing states during the Presidential Election. More Americans than ever identify as Independents. The problem with identifying as a Independent is that their votes may tip the balance is some states more than others. Obama most likely will not win big Republican states such as Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming. However, the swing states are the real battle-grounds (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin). The fact that Obama is trying to unify the vote of these Independent voters is a big step to be re-elected to President.

Image35% of Young voters consider themselves Democrats, 26% as Republicans, and 29% as Independents.  As a whole, younger people tend to support same-sex marriage by a considerably larger margin than older voters.The young voters (18-29) voted 67 percent for Proposition 8. Young voters are more ethnically diverse than any other age group. 62% identify as white; in the turn of the millennium, 74% identified as white. In 2008, Obama captured 66% of the youth vote, compared to McCain’s 31% of youth vote. Since youth voters are more supportive to same sex marriage, Obama has more of an upper hand after announcing his support for gay marriage.

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