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Money Changes the Government and Influences the People

Televisions, newspapers and the webs are being flooded by numerous campaign ads for the upcoming presidential election. I believe the media’s involvement in our daily lives influences each of us and can mold the way we think about current issues. The new campaign between Obama and Romney has began, and initiated a swarm of ads to be broadcasted all over media related sources.

An article recently published by The New York Times, Aggressive Ads for Obama, at the Ready, shows the public how the media’s role in the election process can influence the public and its affect on those who choose to use ads as a form to strengthen themselves and weaken their opponents. President Obama, as stated in the article, has decided to use $25 million to create advertisements. He has several attack ads prepared for his opponent, Mitt Romney, as well as ads that will promote him.

The article continues to give examples of Obama’s past ads that portrayed him as a strong leader and portrayed, 2008 Republican Candidate, John McCain “as out of touch and feeble.”

The day spent on Elections and Campaign ads has stuck with me and caused me to think the most out of all other topics studied in class. My views tend to center around the media because wherever I go, while on the way to school, listening to the radio, watching television, or leisurely surfing the web, I encounter at least on form, daily, of an ad promoting or criticizing a candidate. This class has opened my eyes to see what a ad really is. But, the ads are not the only thing that are important in the election, but the money behind the advertisements. We did not really go into the money behind certain areas of politics but simple covered the political influence on candidates money could bring. We did not take into account how that money could not only shape the way a candidate may think but how that money could be used to change the way the American public thinks. When we watch an ad we hardly ever pay attention to them but subconsciously we may catch certain words of interest and store that information within our minds. After viewing many campaign ads we could have potentially changed opinions on how we may think of the candidates we thought we supported. The fact that so much money is going into this area for political reasons seems ridiculous.

This election has currently spent $ 114.9 million (number may change) on advertisements all together, including democratic and republican ads. Only 28% of all the ads produced have been positive ads while 72% have been negative ads generally attacking an opponent.

Money influences the American public indirectly. It helps create and distribute the ads that are used to change our opinions. Monies role in government influences what politicians do but also the people who have voted them into offices.

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