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Limits Are Needed for the Money Spent in Elections

During the past two trimesters of our government class, we have had extensive discussions over the high usage of money in political campaign elections. In our upcoming 2012 presidential election, our nation has seen the critical role that money plays in the electoral process. The main question is: Are the voters focusing on voting for the candidate who is most fit to run our country or who has had the most money to influence the voters in the voting booth? According to CNN, during the 2008 and 2012 elections, Obama has managed to earn $200 million. The amount of money put into campaigning is disturbing and corrupt. Why is it that Obama needs this much money to run for re-election? These unrealistically high amounts of money force the people to be manipulated and persuaded to vote for the candidate that can spend more than his or her opponent. The CNN article states, “They [promoters for candidates] get involved with shaping policy, which inevitably makes the good of the people secondary to the good of the deepest pockets.” This proclaims the most corrupt part of elections: people focus more on the earned economical status of the candidate rather than the good of that particular person.


CNN claims that this corruption and distortion is given credit to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision. This allowed corporations to spend unlimited funds to promote a candidate. Our current campaign process has turned far from aiming to allow the voters to choose who they feel will best represent our nation, the democratic process, to the other side of the spectrum: fraud. In the article, it states, “By leveling the economic playing field, our politicians have a chance to return to being representatives of the people, no just the ones who know the right people or make the right promises.” This quote has outstanding advice to the voters of America. We should not vote for who has the most money, best connections, or most influencing media. We need to take the time to choose the candidate that will serve our nation best. People are illogically giving their votes to candidates based on the influence of money rather than their service they will give to our country and what they stand for. The money raised in campaign elections has a high influence and manipulation rate in the ballot box, which needs to be put to an end.

Currently Romney and Obama together have earned near $300 million. If this money were to be put aside, would the two candidates be where they are standing? Would they have gotten this far? Money should not be this great of a factor in elections. We are a nation of almost nine percent of the population at a loss for employment. The money the candidates earn is simply money given to the rich. A vast range of the American citizens are jobless, yet the people chose to fundraise for the wealthy. I believe we hold the power as voters in the upcoming election to prove that money is not the sole indicator of who to elect for president. On November 6, 2012, the voters have the control to change our current sham of an election process, by voting for the man who will best serve our country regardless of the amounts of money  he has raised and whether or not he can he can outspend his opponents.

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