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The 2012 Election

The current event related to class that I better understand because of our studies in class is the 2012 Presidential Election. Before our study of elections, I did not follow the elections very closely and did not really understand how the election process worked. “Elections” was our fourth unit in our study of government.

We looked at different aspects of the election process, including the Electoral College, Voter Participation, and the influence of money in elections. My favorite activity, and most relevant to the current election,was “Campaign Commercials.” We looked at different campaign commercials throughout history and compared them to current ones we see on TV today. An example of a current ad that we watched and analyzed was President Obama’s “Yes We Can” commercial from 2008.

In order to analyze the effectiveness of the commercials, we considered the following: emotional appeal, target audience, central issue, and credibility. We even had our own presidential elections in our classes. We wrote policy briefs to let the “voters” know where we stand on issues, such as energy, education,  healthcare, and social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion. We used different types of media, such a social networks, websites, and commercials just like current presidential candidates. We created a campaign commercial.

We also created a website and Twitter, just like a modern presidential candidate to understand what must go into making a campaign for president.

We were encouraged to keep up with the election and follow who remained in and dropped out of the GOP election. We followed Herman CainNewt GingrichJon Huntsman,  Thaddeus McCotterTim PawlentyRick Perry, and Rick Santorum as they dropped out of the election. We also followed candidates who remain in the GOP election, including Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul.

Through our “Elections” unit, I feel as though I much better understand the  election process. Since I will be eligible to vote in this election, I feel that it is important for me to keep current with the election, so that I can make an informed decision come November.

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  1. May 16, 2012 at 10:08 am

    I agree, through the campaign commercial unit I got a better understanding of they type of commercials that are used in the elections. The Obama “Yes We Can” was a very powerful one having well-known actors but in my honest opinion the attack commercials are much greater. Though I like the commercials, I think basing your vote on a commercial is good choice, it’s a great reminder that there are elections going on but not something we should consider when wanting to vote on a candidate. Great post!

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