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Same Sex Marriage


In Government class these last two trimesters we have been debating, writing papers and disguising in class political issues that arise every day. These issues have ranged from yes or no to the Iowa Caucus, how to stop immigration to gay marriage. By talking about all of these issues my classmates and I have gotten a much bigger grasp on these issues and have been able to form our own opinions on these current topics. Before discussing these topics, I never really had an opinion on same sex marriage and never even bothered to think about it. As it came up in class I started to keen in on my classmates and really listen to their opinions. As the trimester went on it started to come up more and more in the news and in class and I started to form my own opinion.

Within the last couple of days citizens of North Carolina have been voting on whether they should allow there state to have gay or same sex marriage. The citizens have decided that they will not allow it and therefore banned same sex marriage from North Carolina. Since this has happened North Carolina has become the 30th state to ban this marriage. There are only six states in the US that as of right now allow same sex marriage. With those numbers it is easy to see that most of the US does not want there to be gay marriage http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/08/north-carolina-approves-amendment-banning-gay-marriage/. I personally believe that if there is a couple of the same sex and they want to get married why not let them? They are going to live together anyways and continue the same habits whether they are married or not. By not allowing them to marry one another we are taking away parts of the US that originally people came here for “freedom”. As Americans we pride ourselves that we have freedom and by banning gay marriage completely out of a state we are taking away our fellow citizens freedom from them.

In conclusion, I believe that if there is a same sex couple who wants to get married they should be allowed to in whatever state they live in. I believe that by not allowing them this right we are taking away our fellow citizens freedom of choice.

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