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Politicians Are Humans Too!

Mitt Romney senior year book picture

Throughout the many years which we attend school and listen to our parents we always hear the common sayings when it comes to how to treat your peers: “follow the golden rule”, and “treat others the way you want to be treated”.  Well sayings like these worked in kindergarten, but as we get older and develop new ideas and perceptions, especially during our teen years, it is inevitable that we are not going separate ourselves from those who do not think like us.  But sometimes this separation is not enough for people, and some feel the need to express their opinions to people who do not believe what they do.  Recently Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee running against Obama, had a scandal with a bullying incident which happened way back when he was in high school.

The cranbrook school

Mitt Romney went to a very prestigious prep school near Detroit called Cranbrook during his high school career.  Romney did very well in school but as most of do, no matter how wrong we all believe it is, teased a student about his hair and decided to pull a prank on him.  The student who accused Romney of this is John Lauber described the attack as if it were a scene pulled out of The Lord of Flies, when simply Romney cut a snippet of the boy’s hair which was hanging over his eyes.  Through the complex and twisted world of media, the idea was firstly twisted as if to say that because of this one act, the act of an 18 year old Mitt Romney, should convince us to vote otherwise in the upcoming election.  How can the action of  an eighteen year old high school student affect how we perceive the man which we see today?  Are we to believe that over all of the years that he has lived since then, he has not learned from his mistakes.  Are we to believe that politicians do not make mistakes; that politicians are supposed to live above the standards we uphold for ourselves?  It does not seem fair to me that because of this one incident which happened in the 1960’s, people can rapidly feel dis-heartened by what he/she did.  Everyone who has gone through high school, or life for that matter, are always making mistakes and learning from them and developing.  Mitt Romney states,” Back in high school, you know, I did some dumb things, and…I participated in a lot of high jinks and pranks during high school, and some might have gone too far, and for that I apologize.”  Mitt Romney is a person too even though he is a politician.  Like all of us he made mistakes in high school and has learned from them.

Obama declares opinion on gay mariage…. Romney has a gay haze scandal leaked? Coincidence?

Secondly around the time this news was released, Obama announced his support for Gay Marriage in America.  Allegedly, the student which Romney “bullied” was gay.  Romney in an interview claims that they did not talk about sexual orientation and that it was not a deliberate act against gay peoples.  Many believe that in light of Obamas new announcement, the story was brought out to bring hatred toward the Romney campaign.  Even though Romney has stated that he did not know nor even care for that matter the sexual interests of the individual, the story still brings fourth Romney into a negative light which is meant to show the exaggeration of his views.  I simply believe that the incident which happened nearly five decades ago, was a learning experience and should not reflect the  Romney of today.  If we have learned anything from our time in government, it is that the media and people manipulate stories to their advantage and personal gain, and we as learned men and women must decipher for ourselves what is false and what is fiction.  Truly an incident which happened fifty years ago, in high school, has no reflection on a man of today!  We all make mistakes, we are all human!; even politicians!

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