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Manager for the People


As we discussed in our assignment, “Modern Presidential Roles”, according to Clinton Rossiter, the president of the United States possesses many roles and responsibilities, including those of Chief of State, Chief executive, Commander in chief of the army, chief diplomat, chief legislator, chief of party, voice of the people, protector of the peace, manager of prosperity, and world leader. Among these, is an important, yet controversial role, the “manager of prosperity”. With today’s current economic crisis, questions arise about what the extent of a president’s action should be in order to maintain a capitalist society and democracy. So, how does this affect voting? People of the United States will vote for the candidate whom they think will be the best leader of the nation and the best manager of the economy. And, today, there is a current argument that the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is not capable of managing the prosperity of the nation because of his personal socioeconomic status.

Yes, many voters today do believe that Obama should be the next president due to the proposed incapability of Mitt Romney to command the economy. Mitt Romney, as stated in many news casts, such as that of USA Today, “The former Massachusetts governor, has disclosed only the broad outlines of his wealth, putting it somewhere from $190 million to $250 million”, which, makes him about “50 times richer than Obama” (1).  Thus, this may cause a particular problem with voters. Having a candidate with this vast amount of money, many would doubt his concept of the dollar and his ability to ascertain the value of money. To him, $10,000 dollars is just a sum, with smaller value, but, to many citizens of America, this amount of money is very significant and most likely more than they will ever see. According to a Gallup poll, “Fifty percent of Americans say they have a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in President Barack Obama to do the right thing for the economy or to recommend the right thing for the economy, while only 42 percent say that about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney”. Thus, Americans are more trusting of the democratic candidate than the republican one.

This situation, however, is even more significant due to our current, insurmountable economic debt. Our government is drowning in debt, with around 15,700,000,000,000 stacking high on our dues. With all of this, our nation has our economic situation as a priority in their minds, and, therefore, this crisis will heavily affect the voters’ decisions. The people of America have two “modern presidential roles” in mind when they are making their decision as to who the president should be: the “manager of prosperity” and the “voice of the people”. The American people want a president that can best relate to their needs in the economy, and, with the great wealth of Mitt Romney, it is likely many citizens would choose Obama for this role. They also want someone who would vie for their needs economically, one who is indicative of the greater population of the United States, and would be their “spokesman” of economic standards. In accordance with these “modern presidential roles”, it is predicted that in the area of economic development, Barack Obama is the preferred candidate.

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