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Will Gay Marriage Haunt Obama?

In Government class this year, at several times we have compared what we have been learning in class to current events stories. We have related these stories in ways to topical debates, papers, reflections, and ext.

President Obama over the last year and a half has gotten himself into a pretzel over weather or not to support gay marriage. Whichever side Obama chooses to take on this issue could damage his popularity among his supporters. The reasoning behind this is that his coalition is made up mainly of young voters and minority voters. If we go back to the Proposition 8 vote in California in 2008 we can see that 70% of African Americans voted to ban gay marriage in California however 50% of the other half of his supporters voted to allow gay marriage. The opposing viewpoints of President Obama’s main two supporting groups, leaves him in a difficult spot to saw what side he supports. In a study done by the Washington Post one – in – six of President Obama’s big “bundlers” are gay, therefore taking a side on same sex marriage could not only lose him voters and supporters but also take away vital campaign money.

If the President of the United States doesn’t take a side on weather he supports gay marriage, why do gays and lesbians continue to support is campaign? Many political annalists believe it is because they are thinking that since he hasn’t taken a side on it, that if he is elected to a second term as President he will state his side, as same sex marriage should be allowed. One reason that this could be is, he hasn’t taken a side on the argument because he believes that he can make it through the election without doing so and not lose as many supports as he would by choosing a side. This approach was working for him until last week when Vice President Joe Biden stated that he was for same sex marriage. Joe Biden taking this side has made it difficult for the White House to defend that President Obama hasn’t taken a side and that Biden’s words were misinterpreted.

Without studying the Government of the United States this year, I wouldn’t fully understand the reasoning behind president Obama not taking a side on the issue. Now after studying the process of elections I understand that if he takes one side he could lose some supporters and if he chooses to the other way he could lose less supporters but more campaign money, which is greatly needed in his reelection campaign. By learning about the importance of every dollar earned and every vote you can earn being of such importance I fully understand now how it is such a set back for Vice President Joe Biden to have taken a side when Obama was trying to keep everyone happy and stay undecided until after hopefully earning reelection.

You can find a video from top line here

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