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Persuasion of a Nation

yes we can

This year in Government we learned a variety of things but one particular subject caught my eye, the presidential campaigns. I think I was drawn to the subject because it utilizes one of the biggest factors in our country the media. The things about ads is it can be used in a variety of ways a candidate can choose to make himself look better in the eye of the people by making an opponent look like he’s really against the country, or he could use his ad to spread his ideals in order to show the truth and map of where said candidate plans to take the country. There is also an array of media types the candidate could use such as billboard, T.V. shows, commercials and especially the internet.


Now the trickiest parts about the ads are the method and message. Can the candidate be manipulating? Does the ad possess propaganda?

The biggest part of the ad process is the message is it clear can the public understand it and who is it directed towards. If the message is unclear and the ad isn’t successful and doesn’t earn feed from both the people and the media than you just wasted 1.5 million dollars.

An ad that stood out to me not because it was flashy or even good but i think it was witty on the use of it, the Rick Perry “Oops” ad. Rick Perry on national television was making an argument in a debate in which he forgot a topic and instead of one of his opponents using that to advertise their cause he used it saying “if you want a slick debater I’m obviously not your guy, but if you want a clean house in Washington with a balanced budget amendment, a flat tax and a part-time congress I’m you’re man. I’m Rick Perry…what’s that line again…I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message.” The fact that he used a potential negative ad opportunity to his advantage is just one of the many campaign tools.

I think it is a vital part of learning about the campaigning process to understand the advantages and disadvantages to ads. The way one uses an ad could be the deciding factor in a new presidents or another 4 year term.

To sum it it up I learned about the importance of advertising for a President,which has always been a huge resource in part of winning an election. This day and age just makes it harder and more competitve with all the ways people could advertise by using new age technology.

  1. stephendrenard
    May 1, 2012 at 7:37 am

    So first things first, really read over your post; there are a grammatical errors like capitalization and run-on sentences which, if edited, could really improve your post. I think it would be of use to use a hyperlink during the paragraph that talks about Perry’s ad to a Youtube link or something so the reader can see what you’re referring to. Make sure you’re really stressing the “multiple paragraphs” criteria. Maybe adding a paragraph linking the Perry ad to what YOU have learned this year in Government could really wrap things up nicely if you put your own perspective on Perry’s ad? Try adding another decently long paragraph linking what you’re talking about in this post to what you have learned this year in Government with the materials we have been using. Also, your picture posted in the middle of the post should link to something you talk about in your post. If you’re talking about ads on billboards and magazines, try adding a picture of one of these ads you are talking about. All you really need to do as far as quality of thinking is justify and back-up everything you say with what you have learned and you will be good.

  2. kamilh
    May 1, 2012 at 7:43 am

    I really like the information that is presented in this post, and the meme is also funny but I don’t see how it relates to your post, because it is just a meme that you probably created. Also the hyperlink did not work, so if you could fix that also if you add a source where you found the 1.5 million dollar on a ad. If you could add maybe one or to hyperlinks. It would be helpful if you put the actual ad in the post, link to the video on YouTube. Your flow of information is great but it would be better with some changes in the grammar of some of your sentences. In this post we really don’t see your thoughts completely, so if you could just elaborate some more on some of things you talked about.

  3. paxtons13
    May 1, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Aside from some grammatical errors, I think your post is solid. You stated your topic and adhered to it throughout the essay. The ideas expressed are very good, but you just need to work on the manner in which you express them. Hyperlinks could have helped, but to force them would have been unnecessary. With a little polishing and maybe some extra supporting evidence, this post would be a perfect argument of your point.

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