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Voting: Right thing to do?


As I began to learn more about the unit of Elections in my government class, I found an interest in voter participation. Why find an interest? Being a first generation Latina, I have observed that many of my culture do not feel the need to vote right, a right that they have been given being citizens of the United States of America. Surprised by a chart on Realpolitics.com, the Latin votes haven’t really progressed much.


In a heated conversation with a cousin of mine, who does not find the need to vote, we discussed the reasons of voting not being necessary.

His main reasons were:

1. If he were to vote, the final is decision to be made is by the Electoral College

2. Plenty of others will vote making up his decision

3. His vote will only get wasted

4. Sometimes does not know what he is really voting for

Aside from these points there are many other reasons for why citizens do not go out to vote who are not Latinos. According to the Top 10 reasons of a San Antonio site, some reasons include:

  1. Vote won’t count so they say ‘Why vote’?
  2. Too busy: Students and employees report they are to take time off from work or school.
  3. Not interested in voting or politics.
  4. Can’t get to the polls (no transportation)
  5. Illegal immigrants are not authorized to vote.
  6. Don’t like the candidates.
  7. Don’t have transportation to get to the polls.
  8. Out of town on vacation or business trips.
  9. Forgetting to vote (common explanation)
  10. Lines are too long.

Who would have known that there were so many excuses for not voting! Many of these reasons can be solved through a simple website or calling local polling station. The rest can just be solved by not indulging into an apathetic attitude and actually learning about what is going on in the government.

Understanding and catching up with what is going on in the government is one of the main reasons most non-voters fail to pay attention towards. Yes, there are non-voters who know about the government and decide not to vote but the majority of them are not willing to even learn about their government, “a nation that hates politics will not long thrive as a democracy.” (Why Americans Hate Politics by E.J. Dionne). Having a voice is not common in all countries, so voting has and is being revolutionized everywhere such as the recent event in Egypt.  “The most important right citizens have is the right to vote. By voting, the people have a voice in the government. The people decide who will represent them in the government.” (Ben’s Guide,‘99). Struggles are present but those in the United States have the responsibility to vote as a U.S.A. citizen and not just because it is a duty, it makes up our character, ideas and the future of our children. However,due to the lack of interest of American citizens in their government, many do not vote. Coming upon a Why Vote? website, I leave to you its main point to vote, “the state effects most people in some way nearly every day, it would be nearly impossible to not have an opinion on health care, crime, terrorism, education, poverty, transport and a whole host of other areas. If you have an opinion then surely you should express it by using your vote.”

  1. May 2, 2012 at 9:39 am

    First of all, I really enjoy your personal connection to voting in your blog post. However, I do see some room for improvement. The subject of your political cartoon, to me, screams the use of technology in the voting process as having the potential for danger. I do not feel that this quite matches up with the content of your post. Perhaps there is another political cartoon or image that is more appropriate? In addition, I would re-read for grammar and punctuation as at times I was distracted by errors.

  2. danielagov
    May 2, 2012 at 9:42 am

    You could add a few more reasons about why people don’t vote, such as inconveniences caused by weather or things like that. Two sentences that should be looked over are “… controversy of people not really a point to voting…” it is confusing and I think you might have forgotten a word or two. I also find it difficult to understand ” A democracy-that is what our country is all about!” Clarifying these two sentences and perhaps adding a little more would make this perfect. Overall it is a well written blog that succeeds at expressing your opinion quite well.

  3. brookebgov
    May 2, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Hi Dani, I really enjoyed the unique perspective on your post. However I feel like you could have included some statistics about the voter percentage to back up the importance of voting and maybe include minority statistics as well to add interest to the numbers. Also, I think you hyper linked the wrong blog post on your first citation, I think you meant: http://pesgovernment.blogspot.com/2012/03/does-voter-turnout-really-matter.html ! Your support of increasing of voter turn out was strongly supported due to the different points of view you showed and concluding with your own opinion.

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