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Why The Youth?

There has always been one problem brought forth for presidential candidates: how to target the youth.  Last year had one of the biggest turnouts for youth votes.  Every year there is an increase in votes by citizens between 18 and 29, those who are considered the youth.  A majority of the time, these voters are the ones who vote more than the other voters for that year.

(PEW Research Center)

Youth voters have become more and more of a deciding factor in presidential elections.  When the candidates spend more time targeting the youth, they tend to win for that year.  According to PEW Research Center, in the most recent election in 2008, Obama spent more time than McCain on targeting the youth.  TIME Magazine named 2008 as The Year of Youth Vote.  Although the youth vote itself did not win the vote, the youth’s conversation with their families as well as their work towards spreading their views through technology lead to Obama’s victory. Youth have a stronger voice than most people believe.  An example is the recent Kony 2012 campaign, when the youth made a stand to have the government send troops to Uganda.  With even a little bit of passion, the youth can change the course of American government.

According to US News, Obama is already ahead in the youth polls.  Mitt Romney is also attempting to target the youth, however Obama’s college visits have put him ahead with those under 30.  According to Real Clear Politics, Obama is also ahead in the polls overall, partly due to the youth vote.

(PEW Research Center)

Youth vote will be a major factor this year also because of the topics that are relevant in this election.  Between birth control, abortions, sexual orientation, and other social topics, the youth are the key targets for this year’s campaigns.  Today’s youth are more in touch with these issues that past generations and due to this they will be major contributers to te election.  Through every election, the youth are necessary to win the vote.

  1. katherinegperry
    May 1, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    I thought you did an amazing job with this and I love your viewpoint. I do however have a few suggestions. First, the wording of your opening paragraph is a little bit confusing… maybe you could change it to make it a little bit easier to understand for the average reader. Second, your second image is a little bit blurry and maybe you could find a clearer one. Third, is there any way you can hyperlink the real clear politics thing? People may want to see the source. Finally, I feel like you could have gone into more depth in the last paragraph. Why are young voters important to social issue? Overall, I thought you did a great job though. It was well written, and will appeal to a large audience.

  2. May 1, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    MORE HYPERLINKS CLAIRE! But other than that I honestly love your blog post. It is phenomenal. Thanks for helping me get a free drink of water it was great.

  3. ridagov
    May 1, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I think you did a great job overall. I totally understood where you were coming from and what you were trying to get across, however there are a few things you could go back and look at. 1) Transition more smoothly into your next paragraphs and make your topic for the next paragraph more prominent. 2) When you mention KONY 2012 you just went into it. You could’ve transitioned better into it, so basically this reflects back to my first point. 3) When talking about Romney you didn’t transition as well either. So just transitions basically that’s all I’d say to reconsider looking at. Overall I liked what you had to say.

  4. May 5, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Good, Claire!

    I think you’ve made a strong case for the importance of targeting the youth vote… I’m curious: what advice would you give candidates about HOW to win young voters’ support??

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