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Will You Rock The Vote?

Whether it’s to re-elect President Obama, or have a new president step in and take charge of our nation, it’s almost time to vote. The elections of 2012 are now only a mere 6-ish months away. For upperclassmen in high school, and newbies in college this will be the first election that we get a say in. Maybe that’s worth nothing to us, or maybe within ourselves we know our vote can make a difference, either way we are the voice of tomorrow, we are the Millennial Generation.

Age & the Issues (2008)

Voter Turnout Among 18-to-29 Year-Olds, 1992-2008

According to Pew Research 52% of the voters in 2008 were from ages 18-29, and 66% of that 52% voted for Obama. According to political scientist Daniel Shea “Issues such as climate change, the war in Iraq, gay marriage, the future of Social Security, and health care reform caught young voters’ attention… This reflects their deep concern about the critical issues at stake and the impact of this election on the country’s future.”

Websites such as Rock the Vote are created to help attract young voters, make it easier for them to register for voting, and to keep them up to date with what is going on with the elections currently. Their main mission is to “engage and build political power for young people in our country.” Over the past 21 years that it has been in action it has registered more than 5 million people to vote. According to the website “The Millennial Generation is diverse and huge in number, making up nearly 1/4 of the entire electorate in 2012.  This is both the challenge and the opportunity.  Rock the Vote is dedicated to building the political power of young people by engaging them in the electoral process, urging politicians to pay attention to issues that matter to young voters, and protecting their fundamental right to vote.  Our goal is to reinvigorate our country’s democracy and redefine citizenship for a generation in 2012 and beyond.” Websites like this are targeted towards our generation because without us their is no voice for tomorrow; without us issues will go undermined; without us the rights we want for ourselves, for our friends, for our family, and for our future generations will not happen. In order to encourage young voters to vote Rock the Vote has “Scan to Vote” shirts that have the barcodes you can scan from your phone.

Personally, I believe we need to start voting as soon as we are of age. Our votes make a huge difference because it’s when we come into government and state what we want and elections are our time to let candidates know those things. And not only that is an important fact, but if we instill involvement in politics now, we know what to face in the future and what to ask for in the future. For those of us who are going to be voting for our first time we’re going to need to know how the economy is doing, our likely hood for financial aid for college, health care reforms, environmental issues, how quickly we’ll get jobs out of college, etc. Those things won’t be in our favor if we do not stand up and “Rock the Vote” now. Since we are the voice of tomorrow we need to let the candidates know what we want. Even if you take just a quick glance over at the chart to the left, it is us young voters who seem to be more concerned with current issues, we are the ones who voice our opinions more. If we instill in ourselves to “Rock the Vote” starting now then we can pass that onto future generations and have them be more involved from a younger age.

  1. May 1, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Howdy Rida,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog, the statistics you provided to back up your points and opinions were phenomenal. I feel that you have definitely grasped the main idea of this topic and shared it well with anyone who might read it. One thing I think you should do is definitely help me and the other readers understand more of what this “rock the vote” thing is about and why it exists. I kind of understood but definitely would like to know more about who would visit this and why it’s important. Also, you definitely lean to one side with your argument, as opposed to a more centered viewpoint, and I like this, but it might kind of push some readers away if they think you are trying to persuade them. All in all, fantastic post!!

  2. clairecriss
    May 1, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Your artical is well written, however there are quite a few grammatical errors. If I were you I would go back and reread what you have for grammar. Also, I might consiter adding something about why it is important for the youth to vote not just that the youth does vbote.

  3. katherinegperry
    May 1, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    I thought this was good and I loved the graphics. However, there are a few things you could improve. First, I noticed a few grammatical errors (which I hear Claire pointing out to you so I will not go into detail on this). Your second paragraph begins in an awkward way… maybe you could add another sentence to the beginning. Also, you might want to consider hyperlinking the articles that you got your quotes from because some people might be interested in reading the full article. Finally, I saw in a magazine a Rock the Vote t-shirt that had one of those phone scan things on it. You might want to include a picture of that as a cute addition to the post. I did think the post was good though and I love how you wrote it from a personal voice.

  4. May 5, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Love it, Rida – thanks for your efforts! It appears as though you’ve taken your classmates’ suggestions to heart, too… I’m glad b/c their comments are quality!!

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