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Why not vote?

Voter participation is the most important factor in elections.  After learning about this topic in Government class this trimester, I feel more compelled to discuss this important issue.  No voter participation means no votes, and without votes, the candidates cannot represent the voice of the people.  The voice of the people is how changes are made in our lives.  We as Americans, vote for the candidate of our choice because we feel that they will represent us with the best intentions.  Learning about the different aspects of the Constitution in our Government class made me realize how important it is to vote.  Voters sometimes think that their vote cannot make a difference so they choose not to vote.  However, this thought is mistakenly untrue because one vote can indeed make a difference.

Voter participation motivates individual participation in political campaigns and elections.  If one is uneducated about the election, voter participation might increase their knowledge of the issues.  In class we read, “many citizens are politically active but do not vote, and for some Americans, not voting is either a statement of contentment or a form of political protest” (148).  Citizens do have the choice to vote or not vote.  They may feel that participation in a campaign or a cause is more important than their actual vote.  Nothing is held against them if they choose not to vote, but they need to realize the mistake they could be making.  Mistakes made by choosing to not vote are more likely to be seen within younger voters.

It is common in today’s society that the majority of young voters are the least educated and have a low voter turnout rate.  Being uneducated hurts the young voters of America because they do not understand the impact they could be having on the nation.  Voter turn out is higher among people who are educated, have more money, and own their own homes.  Young voters do not always fit into these categories and that is why the voter turn out is the way it is.  Voting is a privilege that is given to all American citizens above the age of 18.  If young voters do not view voting as a privilege and they choose to ignore it, I believe that they should not have the right to vote.  Voting is a privilege that citizens are granted.  So why not take advantage of this privilege?

In conclusion, I believe that voter participation is the key to elections.  Everyone needs to participate in order to experience the Democratic process.  Voters that choose not to participate make it impossible to see the variety of political opinions.  If all the views on different issues are not heard or seen, than in my mind it could be classified as an unfair election.  I know many people will say, “Well it is ones own faults for not voting.”  I agree with this statement but I also believe that if voter participation was much grater, then voters might be surprised by how much elections could change.  Also, if one is politically active and or has the opportunity to vote and chooses not to, I feel that they are a disgrace to our great country.  All votes have an impact and make a difference.  I greatly look forward to making my own difference in America by voting once I turn 18.

  1. May 2, 2012 at 12:58 pm


    First, you need to change your links to hyperlinks. Next I think your ideas are very fluid and connect well but you make another great point in your conclusion that if ” if voter participation was much grater, then voters might be surprised by how much elections could change”. I feel like you could add a short paragraph going into this which would connect your final thesis and create a stronger argument.

  2. mtmmann
    May 2, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Good post and explanation of the topic the it flows very well the only things you need do is get rid of the works cited at the end and also you need to add hyperlinks to you sources inside your paper.

  3. May 10, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    I love to read thoughts like: “I greatly look forward to making my own difference in America by voting once I turn 18.” Our democracy is in good hands with engaged, informed young citizens like you!!

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