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ProLife is MY Choice

Today, each political party is associated with a stereotype for every issue. It is a common belief that Republicans are

ProLife, and Democrats are decidedly ProChoice. However, I have discovered that these stereotypes vary more than I thought they would within relatively homogenous groups. For example: The great State of Texas has gone Republican since 1980, yet, a Republican’s stance on abortion is not as uniform as one would think. Even in my every day life I found this to be an alarming truth. Compared to other schools such as Greenhill, Hockaday, and St. Marks, where their people of color represent between 30-40% of their schools population,Parish is considered far less diverse. Because Parish is relatively homogenous in both socioeconomic status and race, I thought the opinions of an assimilated culture would be homogenous as well, but I was proved otherwise.

The picture above represents the volatility of abortion within political parties. As you can see within each party the notion of  ProLife or ProChoice is not completely uniform. Interestingly, approximately 30% of the Republican party is ProChoice, while the Republican Party Platform is clearly against abortion.

Two Sides to Every Story

Before my big debate, I encountered a slightly unpleasant situation (I’m not a fan of controversy). I was sitting around the lunch table with friends who I thought would have similar opinions as mine, but boy was I wrong. When we were discussing our debate topics, a heated discussion arose when I told my friends I was going to be arguing on the ProLife side of abortion. I was able to communicate my main points until the situation became more confrontational than I was prepared for. A second surprise came my way from the resounding ProChoice position from many of the boys in my class. The majority of the boys were more concerned if they got a girl pregnant from a lack of precautionary measures than the thought that an abortion would be taking a life. I was now certain I had some revising to do. At the time, I knew each of my points were logical but it became apparent that I couldn’t defend the logic of my views in entirety. I felt embarrassed by my lack of knowledge and my inability to respond to the opposing side. Although, my experience at lunch was not as civil as I would have preferred, I was glad we had the intense discussion before I faced my true opponents. My disappointment at the lunch table inspired me to go home and research the opposite side of the spectrum. I realized that to effectively argue my side of the story, I had to understand the other. The statement holds true—“There are two sides to every story.”

Forming my Own Opinion

After researching both sides of the spectrum, I was able to develop my own firm opinion about abortion. I was no longer basing it off of parents’ view or my friends. Finally, I had come to my own conclusions and because of this I am excited to have become passionate about a current affairs topic. I am thankful for the extreme conversations I have had among my peers and for the thorough research I have done because I now feel prepared to debate against anyone in an educated and civilized manner. Lastly, I have learned that I cannot assume that the uniform or label displayed on the outside of a population is fit to each individual’s beliefs within it.

  1. katherinet13
    May 1, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Hi Emily, really enjoyed reading your post! The flow/ organization of it made it very compelling, and I felt as if I was going through the process of understanding the logic behind your opinion with you. The chart representing the varying views of republicans and democrats was a nice break in your writing, giving me a lot of straight forward information without being wordy. The only thing I kept wondering throughout your post was exactly how divided our school is on the topic of abortion. I think it would be very fun and interesting to take a poll of girls and boys in our grade to provide some data of your own. Everyone would be very compelled to visit your post to see the final results, and I think your writing would be very enlightening to everyone.

  2. brookieh13
    May 1, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Hey Emily!! You did a really good job with this reflection. Your post has inspired me to learn about both sides because I have realized through reading your reflection that I have a very strong opinion about this issue, but I haven’t exactly taken the time to learn about both sides. Anyways your title is really good, the pictures add so much to your reflection to make it that much better, hyperlinks=GOOD, and the quality of this post is AMAZING! good job emily!!!

  1. April 30, 2012 at 4:29 am

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