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We are Surrounded with Media

The election process has really helped me relate to the work we have been doing in Government class. National Politics really shows how news spreads around the nation and really keeps people informed on what is happening. National Politics has really helped me stay informed on what is happening with the election, Government, Senate, and so on. Media plays a big part in our lives, even if we don’t realize it.

The main event that has really helped me understand the course material would have to be the election. The election has helped me so much because it hits all topics that we have been learning about. The biggest aspect that it helped me understand would be media. I never realized how important media was in today’s world, but really media is how we get all our information. Everywhere we look something is informing us on the news, whether it is facebook, twitter, school, billboards, commercials, etc. Media in general is all around us and helps the candidates spread the word of their ideas. I also never realized how important campaign commercials were in the elections. Campaign commercials is the candidate’s way to basically sum up their ideas and main key points to broadcast to the world and hopefully recruit some support for their campaign. An example of a great campaign commercial is “In America: Anything is Possible” by Mitt Romney. This ad is inspiring, encouraging, and makes the people of America feel safe and united. Without the help of our Government class I would have never been able to indicate a bad commercial from a good commercial if I saw one. Government class has helped me understand what are good qualities for the President of the United States to posses and what qualities we should keep a heads up to watch out for.

Government class is helping me start to form opinions about certain issues, such as who we would want to run our country, how important it is to vote, and social media. Before, Government class, I did not care much about the election process and tried to avoid any information about it. I not only didn’t care for the news because I thought it was boring, but I didn’t like how I didn’t understand the terminology and meaning of some of the statements they stood for. This made me feel less than and incapable of understanding what was happening in our country. Thanks to our government class, I now understand what the president’s run for and what they are trying to accomplish in their campaigns. A great President for our country would be one that followed the Stewardship Model. This means that we could trust our President because we don’t have to limit his powers and that he still has the best interest in our nation. I also now understand that voting is very important. We have the opportunity to have a say in how our nation will be ruled and it is important to have our input so we get the best option possible. Social Media really helps us determine who we want to vote for. Information about the candidates is everywhere and we need to listen. I am looking forward to voting and having a say when I become old enough to vote.

Some other opinions I have started to form is that although media is very helpful and useful to our everyday lives, I don’t think we should rely on it so much. I think Presidents should meet and greet as many people as they can and get on a more personal level with our people, such as when they are in the Iowa Caucus. By getting on a more personal level, it helps the people be more comfortable with you and it really helps them understand what kind of person you are and why they would want you to lead our country. By meeting more people, it would help more people like you, because by taking time out of your day to go talk to someone would make them feel special and just by doing that would help the candidate rally up some votes. The people have the right to fully get to know who their President will be, because being the President is a big deal, and the people need to know that whoever is elected has the best interest of the people in mind, but still willing to do what is best for the country when needed.


  1. marcy17
    May 1, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    I found your blog post very interesting, and I agree media shapes our world today. I recommend that you post your photo at the top because it is a great photo which can catch people’s attentions. Also, I think you should incorporate media examples more throughout the paper. Next, in order to strengthen your paper, I suggest that you include what was included in Romney’s campaign commercial that causes audiences to feel safe and united. Good work!

  2. emilyk13
    May 1, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Selina, great post! I liked all of your commentary and your insight and interpretation about the class experience. One little thing to fix would be to place your picture at the top of the page, creating more of a visual appeal when scrolling through the posts and attracting the viewer to actually read your post. Also, when you talk about how you know which campaign commercials are the best, maybe add in why these are the best, like, add how these commercials are more convincing and appealing than others. Overall, great, thoughtful post, definitely voiced your opinion clearly and stated all your ideas coherently!

  3. daniellewil
    May 1, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    great reflection selina!! i really enjoyed reading about how much you’ve obtained from government class in this unit and how you elaborated about specific examples such as the Stewardship model. In talking about all that you learned, I really liked how you also related this information to how all of this information has affected your life personally in the real world. The Mitt Romney ad that you link to perfectly connects with what you are saying and you can tell you didn’t just pick the ad at random and you took some time to think about selecting the right one. The only constructive criticism I would have is when you jump from National Politics to media in the introduction paragraph, it was a little confusing. Overall, great job!

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