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Policy Brief: Illegal Immigration ;) Path to the White House: Electoral college ;)

The unit that interest me the most was the Electoral strategy. Because me personally, I like having a visual on what ever it is that I’m doing. In this case not only did the Electoral strategy interest me the most but it gave me a visual on how we can see presidential elections as 50 elections for electoral votes, one in each state. The Electoral strategy is a strategy that will grant them to receive the 270 electoral votes. We use the Electoral College as a “guideline” or “rules” to get the votes that the president needs. This odd system shapes the way elections are conducted and can also determined the actual winner. The List of United States presidential election results by state was very helpful because you can actually see what state voted Democrat, Republican and or, a toss up state from 1800’s to present day.

The policy briefs were also a good assignment to broaden my perspective and thing outside the box. It gave me an opportunity to identify current events issues that will become the centerpiece of our candidate’s campaign. I chose to do Immigration because that one was most important to me because I feel that NOT all immigrants are bad or wrong, just most of them. I learned from illegal Immigrants Statistics that most of the immigrants come to the U.S to maximize their opportunity to make it in the world, although some immigrants are bad or do the wrong things. I learned that there are 3 major problems that arouse from illegal aliens “Anchor Babies” drug trafficking, and crime. Anchor babies are born of illegal parents in America. The parents hope that due to the child’s citizenship that they will also be allowed to stay in the country. Drug trafficking is also an issue. Annually, over 2.2 million Kilograms of cocaine is brought over the Mexico-Texas border. And the last major problem with immigrants is the crime rates. Drug cartels has resulted in over 100 billion dollars worth of drugs being brought over the boarder and sold through over 11,000 gang members every year. I believe that

Without the policy brief assignment I would not have learned about the dangers of letting immigrants come to the United States even though some do anyway. This specific assignment expanded my knowledge about this certain issue that United States has to deal with on a day-to-day base. Government class as a whole has broadened my thinking as far as contemporary issues as well as current events. I find myself thinking in political terms when I am doing simple things from watching television to participate in everyday activities. Learning about the Electoral College and doing the policy brief has provided information that I can benefit from later on in life. I honestly believe that’s the best part of education, putting what you’ve learned into use in life that will better yourself as well as the people around you.





  1. madison.v13
    May 1, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Good post, there’s a couple things I would fix/add. “…my perspective and thing outside the bocks.” I think you meant think outside the box? I liked your paragraph about your policy brief, the only thing I would do is add more of your opinion to it as opposed to just straight facts. Everything else looks good.

  2. emilyle13
    May 1, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    I really liked the images you picked with your topic! Overall, your blog was very interesting. If I was to change anything, I would suggest fixing some of the wording on your sentences, adding some of your own thoughts to your work, and just fixing up the title. These changes will only make your work more eye-appealing to readers!

    Emily L

  3. May 1, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Good job Zach. You have the visual images and citations done and the topic of the article is interesting. I think if you added in more of your opinion on the subject, then the reader could get an idea about your position on it. Other than that it all looks good!

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