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Persuasion is key

One thing that really interested me in government this third trimester was the campaigning that potential candidates used and how much more work they have to put in for advertising to the voters. The reason this interested me the most was that there is so much more to advertising and campaigning then I thought there was.

Potential candidates running for president have many support groups. Those support groups jobs are to go around to neighborhoods and people that could be a potential voter and make sure they vote for that specific candidate. I liked this idea because I thought the people who were trying to get you to vote for that candidate were friendly, normal people who genuinely wanted you to vote. Whether they were democratic or republican they would try to go to the people who were called “swing voters” and make sure that they persuaded them in any way to vote for their candidate. The reason they do this is because those votes could be extremely important to their candidate for winning.

 The candidate has probably had other advertisements such as televised advertisements, on the radio, and public speaking, but that is not always enough for them to have a definite win. These people who go out and try to win the peoples votes have to be persuasive and friendly. They go in confident and try to get that person to vote for their candidate. I think that this way of advertising is a good idea for the candidate. As much as the person being persuaded might not want someone advertising their candidate, it is a huge help if they can at least get some people that were unsure of who they were voting for to vote for their person.

 Since this way of campaigning is one on one most likely it is very personal and this is helpful for the swing voter to decide who to vote for. This way of getting votes is very helpful for the candidate and I think it should be also used in future elections.


  1. May 1, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Great post and the picture was funny! but a quote might help strengthen your blog

  2. May 5, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    These are two GREAT sources, Julie – I agree with JackLeo: I wish you had dug more deeply into what the sources are saying and how the sources connect to your own reflection… perhaps by short quotes and ample paraphrasing.

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